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A few words from some happy clients...


In the business and on the business are two different things. My corporation needed a professional consultant for a CPA and there are not too many CPA's that understand true business principals. Meeting Egon and having the initial consultation I knew Egon understood "On the Business" and I hired him. It is important in Aiming High, Thinking Big, and Acting Bold you need a true professional to carry your business to the next level and I would highly recommend to hire the right individual-That is Egon!

Life is Good!
David Raesz
Team Leader for The Raesz Team
Keller Williams Realty



I had decided to hire a CPA this year but didn't know exactly how to go about it.  A friend of mine gave me Egon's number.  After viewing his web site, I was able to get together everything I needed to talk to him about my taxes. In a very short time, my tax situation was taken care of, and I even got money back.  Egon made working with him so easy; I will never do it any other way. It really was that simple!



David Bravo

Interior Designer




Thank you for all your help in the bookkeeping and tax preparation for Texas Discount Realty.  I thought I had a very difficult situation, but you and your team made quick work of it and found deductions I did not even know about.  I highly recommend you to anybody who wants a personal touch with a reasonable price.


Best Regards,

Aaron Farmer, Broker/Owner

Texas Discount Realty






For years I operated as a Sole Proprietor always with the feeling I was paying through the nose in taxes.  I was disgusted; as my accountant would tell me I owed thousands more when I filed my return every April 15.  I met with Egon and he quickly showed me several different options, which resulted in dramatic tax savings and benefits by effectively setting up a new corporation for myself.  Tax is so complicated that in the past I was skeptical about what I didn't understand.  Egon made it so easy I didn't see much change in how I conducted my business from before except that I'm now keeping much more of what I make. Thanks Egon and team for keeping it simple and "showing me the money"!


Kari Ring, Owner






Egon has simplified our lives!  Taxes are painful enough without having additional headaches from unforeseen items that come about in corporate we turned to Egon.  He has helped us get our tax live in order, incorporate, taken over our bookkeeping and found ways to get us money back each year.  We refer our clients to Egon as they begin the process of homeownership and know they are in good hands.

Egon is "the man"!

Gwynn Teal Carpenter
Broker/Co-Owner/V. President
"Austin Attitude-laid back with professional results!"
Home and Hearth Realty, Inc.

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